Company Profile

Depositphotos_13554301_lIn light of the rising prices of electricity rates worldwide as well as here in the Philippines, Ecosolar Industries introduces an energy solution utilizing the sun to harness electricity for you.

With new technologies and advancements in the field of solar PV Systems, it has drastically made prices for such a system affordable and economical.

 Ecosolar Industries Corporation which is based in Valenzuela City Metro Manila, provides complete photovoltaic system for residential and commercial as well as agricultural and industrial buildings. Ecosolar Industries utilizes proficient and knowledgeable expertise to come up with photovoltaic solutions which are distinguished by their highest quality standards and long-term functionality. With our world class suppliers and our continual quality controls, our photovoltaic systems meet the highest level for reliability and durability and are certified in accordance with the strictest international standards.

In order to guarantee that the end customer benefits from comprehensive and professional advice, Ecosolar Industries has employed only top engineers and specialized craftsmen and provides them with knowledge in the technical and project planning of solar energy systems. Ecosolar Industries provides both service and equipment for Solar Photovoltaic System and all our customers get free estimate and advice from our experienced and well-trained employees to ensure that all system components are efficiently and optimally computed to give you a setup that would provide you with the best yield.